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Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Monday, June 15, 2015

Using a blend of personal stories and wisdom he learned from his amazing teachers, Brett Dupree inspires people to be self leaders, which is the foundation for transformational change. Brett Dupree believes that true change comes from the inside, and uses stories to delivery his message that can be tailor made for any audience that wants to live a better life.

Joyous Expansion is an idea that change you want in the world starts with you. After you become a more joyous and successful person, then that will leak out to your friends and family. With each person you touch by being the best you that you can be, you will be spreading that joy and success to the people around you. As they live with the principles of Joyous Expansion, then they will spread the joy and success to the people in their lives. Thus creating a true joyous expansion around the globe. Brett's style is to use humor, joy, passion, fun and entertainment to inspire your audience to help achieve his dream of a Joyous Expansion. That Joyous Expansion will leave your audience wanting more and forever changed by the experience.

Sampling of Speaker Topics

  • Embracing Self Leadership
  • How to Learn from Adversity
  • Being Deliberate To Reach Your Dreams
  • Putting Action in the Law of Attraction
  • Living Spirituality in Reality
  • Importance of Self Responsibility
  • How to Use Intentions to Create Lasting Transformational Change
  • Use Inspiration instead of Motivation
  • How to Work Through Fear
  • Achieving Life Balance
  • How to Celebrate Life and Learn from Challenges
Patrick Snow Testimonial

Patrick Snow giving a testimonial after my May 5th speaking event! #inspiration #testimonial #PublicSpeaking #FullofAwesome

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kieran Murry giving a testimonial after my May 5th event. #testimonial #ProfessionalSpeaking #RockingSocks

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Friday, May 8, 2015

Chris Bryant giving a testimonial after my May 5th speaking event! #inspiration #testimonial #ProfessionalSpeaking #FullofAwesome

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Saturday, May 9, 2015

Written Testimonials for Brett Dupree

Dear Brett,

I attended your talk yesterday and I wanted to say thank you for the remarks you shared! While I am nowhere near the point of saying "I Love You" in the mirror, I appreciate your words and coaching.

When returning home and reporting the events of the day to my husband, I shared some comments you made about the importance of our words – the magic behind our words (SPELLing and CURSE words). You also mentioned the importance of reactions/emotions parents portray around their children. That sparked a great conversation about what words we choose when around our five-year-old. I am the first to admit my inner dialogue is terrible, but what I say aloud is not as bad. I am, however, guilty of complaining about my frustrations at work and I often put myself down. Many comments are often said in a joking manner, but what is that teaching our little guy? Is that teaching him it's okay to be treated terribly? It's okay to not stand up for yourself? It's okay to not respect yourself? A day later, I've caught myself saying four things about myself I would NEVER say about anyone else – ever.

Funny how you don't think snide remarks can hurt, but I guess they can. They can impact how one feels about themselves and the little ears that are always listening (even when you think they aren't). Thank you for your comments that will help me to be more mindful about my words.

Also, thank you for your humor. It was the best talk of the day!


Useful lifeskills for ambitious dreams.
- Marchell Allen
Brett Dupree exeplifies an excellent way of implementing tactics to overcome fear and intimidation and go for your goals.
- Mwati Mwila author of The Sweet Surrender of Love and Nature

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